Selecting a Documentary Wedding Photographer London

documentary wedding photographer LondonChoosing the documentary wedding photographer London has to offer is a huge decision that requires a lot of time and energy to go through. It is a once in a lifetime choice, and you would live with the result of your wedding photography for the rest of your life. Never make haste with your decision, and take the time to get to know your options of documentary photographers better, before you choose one and sign on the dotted line.

Ask for referrals

Always make it a point to ask your family, friends, and colleagues for a referral for any great documentary wedding photographer London have. Firsthand experience from people you know is very helpful in your decision making. You can also ask for referrals from your wedding vendors, since they are in the same field of work, and they certainly know a lot of wedding photographers and can spot ho is great and who is an amateur.

Do your research

Once you have your list of wedding photographers, do your research and try to find out everything you need to know about them, and check the online reviews and look into their photo galleries. Through their websites you will have a glimpse of what kind of photography they favor, and what style of photography they are expert of. Balance what you know to what you want, and set up an appointment to meet your top two or three choices.

Meet in person

The best documentary wedding photographer London has will communicate with you instantly, and will show up on time, and Owen Billcliffe Photography will even come to the venue way before the designated time of the meeting. Of course, meet with each wedding photographer separately, and open to mind and emotion to any connection that will feel with any one of them. It is important that you have built a rapport with your chosen wedding photographer, so you will be at ease during your wedding day. Since you want a documentary style of wedding photography, you need to trust your wedding photographer to capture your most special moments and create a wedding photography that charmingly tell tales about your love and wedding.

Trial photoshoot

It is a bit of unorthodox, but it is a smart idea to have a trial photoshoot with your chosen wedding photographer. You can see their portfolio on hand and in the website, and you can speak to your wedding photographer and build genuine friendship, but none of that can guarantee that you will work best together in your big special day. The smartest resolution to this is to ask your documentary wedding photographer London is proud of to undergo a trial photoshoot with you and you and your fiancée. That way, you will see firsthand how your wedding photographer handles the photography equipment, and you get to experience what your documentary wedding photographer is capable of when it comes to unobtrusive photography. Of course, you can offer to pay for the trial shoot, or it can be provided for free by your chosen wedding photographer.

Why Can’t a Wedding Photographer Dundee Become a Professional?

Have you ever met photographers who never seem to improve after years of doing the same thing? Yeah, as a wedding wedding photographer Dundeephotographer Dundee, you might have probably met some of them. And maybe you are still a beginner in this thing! You are not sure why and how you can avoid it.

Professionalism doesn’t just come with time. There are things that you must be committed to doing to make sure that you are not just going to become another photographer among them.

Set it from the beginning

You need to tell yourself that you are only aiming to become a professional at the end of the day. There are many advantages to that such as people trusting you more and the popularity that you gain through your clients promoting your works. And what’s even more amazing is that these people will not hesitate to talk to others about your great job done for them!

And from here on out, you will have to discipline yourself to ensure that you won’t stray away from your road to success.


You need to be strict with yourself because nobody else will. A professional photographer always makes it clear to never accept more than 4-5 jobs a month. Even when demand is rising, it is not a reason to compromise that. Why?

The more you work on, the less you can concentrate on each of them. A professional is demanded to deliver a perfect job, which requires complete concentration on each of your clients. Imagine if you are already a professional wedding photographer Dundee like Angus Forbes Photography. The number of requests that you get will only increase.

So, instead of the number of jobs that you take, keep yourself restricted to only taking no more than 50 weddings a year. You can increase your price instead, convincing your clients that you keep yourself exclusive to ensure quality and performance on each wedding.

Consistently creative

Throughout the years that will come, you will have worked on so many weddings, captured so many moments, and have been to so many wedding venues. However, it may be challenging if you have to think of something new again after so long. It seems like you have exhausted everything you could think of for wedding photography

Or have you? Creativity is limitless. In order to maintain your quality, you need to remain as the photographer that comes up with new ideas every now and then. It’s not easy, of course, but it is doable. Creativity can be trained.


What motivated you to become a wedding photographer? Remember that push that made you went with the big decision. Keep that motivation within you, because that is what will help you enjoy what you are doing. Just like whatever jobs we choose to do, one important thing to remember is that we must enjoy whatever it is we are doing.

If you find yourself complaining and considering this as a burden. Take a break if necessary and think why you feel so. Have you been pushing yourself too hard? Think about why you chose to become a wedding photographer Dundee.

Experience and What It Means for You

Lincolnshire wedding photographerYou have probably heard many times that a good Lincolnshire wedding photographer doesn’t necessarily have to be experienced. It doesn’t dictate the skill or creativity of the photographer, but simply shows you how many times he’s done wedding photography.

However, being experienced is also vital if you want to be a professional. And while many newcomers are saying that experience doesn’t dictate the results, let us tell you why that is not true.

In times of distress?

Many things can happen at a wedding party. And when we say things, we meant the unexpected situations that could change the mood of the day. For example, a sudden rainstorm can really ruin the day as you won’t be able to take the pictures outside the venue for quite some time! You are challenged to still fulfill the quota you have promised.

An experienced photographer will know how to deal with this. Depending on how bad the rain is, there is an option to shoot outdoors when the rain is still small. When it starts to rain hard, you move indoor to take more pictures in there. It’s time to crank up your creativity mode and think of the different ways to make each picture different and special.

Proof for future clients

Experience will also become proof to your potential clients that you know what you are doing. They don’t have to doubt your skills and professionalism after seeing those pictures. A newbie will not have that many pictures to prove himself qualifying like you can. As you continue becoming a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, you will realize how true this is.

Will a client trust in a photographer who owns a site and provides many portfolios like Symply Photography by Sharon Mallinson or a newcomer with only a tenth of her experience? You know the answer.

Better price

With experience, people know that you’ve done more and know better about wedding photography compared to others. They are also more assured that their wedding pictures will not be disappointing and will at least be decent. They will lean more towards trusting their photographer for the job and harbor a more positive feeling when they see the results.

Because of that, you have the freedom to increase your price as you garner even more experience paired with positive reviews. And with that, you have more freedom to create even better exclusivity by taking up only works that you can handle and provide your utmost care to each client.

Better reaction

Between someone who has done the same thing 300 times and someone else who has done it 30 times, the first one sounds like he knows about the job. Not just that, the problems that he has faced after having worked on the same thing for years are solved faster and easier as time goes by. By your turn, should the same thing happen, you don’t have to worry because your photographer knows the way.

Just like that, your client will also feel the same way about hiring a Lincolnshire wedding photographer. Sharon from Symply Photography has done so many wedding photography that it feels like it’s part of her life. Won’t you trust someone who considers her job like that even more?

This is How You Should Ask Your Photographer

Why will you want to know this?

alternative wedding photographerThat is because we know how you might have encountered some sites who gave you a whole complete list of things to ask. Those are great, really! We can’t deny that a complete list of things to ask makes you feel safe and sure that you don’t miss a thing.

However, we are offering something better: how to make sure that you are asking the right questions to your alternative wedding photographer. And also, how to know if those answers are relevant.

Photographer’s professionalism

The first part that you need to make sure is the professionalism of the photographer. There are several things that you can ask about the photographer. Start it from asking the photographer his experience in photography. The longer it is, the better for you, especially their experience in wedding photography.

If you meet several photographers who have worked long as a photographer, asking the relevant ones will help you pinpoint who has the most experience. Wedding photography isn’t an easy job to do and requires training to be able to work on one task properly.

The next thing you should ask is if the photographer works on too many jobs a year. You can casually ask how many weddings does he have in a year or every 6 months. If it’s under 50 in the year, that’s a good number, but it should not be too low, because that would mean the photographer is working on too little. The best number should keep him focused, but not distracted when working on your wedding.

A professional alternative wedding photographer that we know is With the alternative, especially, you want someone who is used to giving his all in wedding photography.


After that, you want to make sure that your photographer is not charging you an unknown extra fee. Extra fees are incurred when the travel distance is too far or when they have to stay for the night at the venue. It depends because if you will be providing the service, you don’t have to pay more. But if you don’t, you have to pay more depending on each photographer.

Make sure that the photographer is able to arrive on time. It might be a good idea to encourage them to arrive earlier, because that way, you will have extra time to discuss the wedding photography and take some early pictures before the ceremony starts. If there are any changes, it will also be a good chance to discuss it with the photographer.

Service details

How many photographers will you be given? Usually, this is relevant to the size of your wedding party, but some photographer work in pairs. You may ask if hiring only one is possible and how will that change the wedding photography package. Some photographers will tell you that it is not possible as they always work in pair and it’s worth considering.

You also want to ensure the quality of the work and you can do this by asking for more examples of their works. Have them bring a wedding album of previous works as an alternative wedding photographer for a better look into their quality.

Ultimate 5 Don’ts You Definitely Want to Avoid

portrait photographyA beautiful portrait is subjective, but ugly ones can be pretty absolute. You and I can have a different opinion is which one is better, but we will most likely have similar taste when something is ugly. The rule of becoming a professional portrait photographer is to know how to avoid those taking that kind of pictures!

These are 5 rules you absolutely want to avoid when working on a portrait photography.

1.    Don’t point out their weaknesses

The first rule is to absolutely refrain from pointing out their mistakes. Your models aren’t exactly models all the time. Some of them are newbies and others are simply doing it for fun. They can be pretty nervous and stiff in front of the camera, making them pose in an awkward way.

When your model does stand in a wrong way, demonstrate it yourself. Don’t be shy or reluctant in helping your client to become a better model in front of the camera.

2.    Don’t silent the model

If your model has something to say about her pose, listen to it. You never know when ideas can pop up from unpredictable places. This goes the same to when your model isn’t moving the way you wanted her to, whether it’s because she’s nervous or didn’t understand what you mean.

It’s not bad or ugly; you simply didn’t see that one coming before and if you learn to look from a different perspective, it might turn into something great. Talk to your client about it and discuss what they want to see from their portrait.

As a reference, some pictures from portrait photography by were suggested by his models!

3.    Don’t focus on just one dimension

A portrait can be generally divided into three sections: foreground, middle ground, and background. Play with these three aspects and pay attention to them all. Even when you’re blurring out the background, it has to be something that complements the overall picture and the model.

Don’t try to take everything by using bokeh all the time. If sharpness creates a tremendous effect, do it, use it, exploit it. A portrait photography can only become unique and eye-catching when you do something that’s different from others and still gain that amazing look.

4.    Don’t just focus on the face

The portrait is all about face, but the look is not everything from a model. Try focusing from a different angle (while shifting the lighting accordingly!) and take a wider look. You never know when the hairstyle of the model can also be used to complement herself.

It’s not the time where portrait can only look good when the face is not obscured by hair or hands. There are various poses that your model can do to emit that personality and uniqueness of hers, even if it means showing only half of their face on the frame.

5.    Don’t stick to the same pose all the time

Everyone is different and you can always find a way to show the uniqueness of a certain individual. “If this looks good on her, it’s going to look good on this person, too.” This kind of mindset should be thrown away.

In portrait photography, always aim to work on poses and styles that fit your client. What is significant about this individual? What about him that I can show through these pictures? Your pictures must answer these questions.

How Is One Identified as a Professional Photographer?

wedding photography CornwallBecoming a professional photographer is something that every wedding photographer wished to achieve. Any professional wedding photography Cornwall service provider will tell you that the road to becoming one isn’t easy, but a series of dedication and years of hardworking.

So, what can you do to show that you’re also a professional yourself?

Passion and determination

These two things have to be kept alive until the end of your career. Only when you have the passion to do it can you be able to dedicate yourself to the job. A determination is important because becoming a professional will also mean you have to sacrifice certain things.

You’ll become different from other photographers and make sacrifices that you never thought you needed. The price of becoming a professional will definitely be worth it and you can keep looking for those photographers that you look up to.

It begins from the start

If you’re still a beginner that is considering to become a wedding photographer, you’ve come to the right place. Professionalism is something that has to be cultivated from the moment you enter the world of photography. People’s image of you can be hard to change once you create it. The longer you let it be, the stronger will that image stuck on you.

Professionalism in the early stage can mean that you cannot market yourself as if you’re desperate for clients at the beginning. It will also mean that discounts are bad steps to make whereas they are the easiest methods to get someone to hire you. However, you also have to think how that person will tell you to others. Will it be a professional or budget photographer?

A wedding photographer from one of the best wedding photography Cornwall provider recalls how hard it was. People are always lacking in trust due to his new arrival. But in time, more people believe that he’s a real wedding photographer that focuses on quality.


In time, you will build experience yourself. But you cannot compare to those who’ve worked longer. You also cannot take up that many jobs and can only do what you can. But what you can do is to not be afraid when faced with the new environment.

Have you ever tried shoot under the rain? Rainy wedding photographer is quite uncommon, but you’ll face it sooner or later. Showing that you’re still able to take some of the best pictures under bad weather speaks a lot more. Instead of trying to emphasize how long you’ve worked, it should what you’ve worked on.

Your attitude when working

When you’re shooting for a wedding, there are certain things you need to remember. Wear according to the party’s dress code. If it’s a formal party, wear formal. Don’t show up late. Early is always better as you can also introduce yourself to the family and friends of the clients. Changes can also be anticipated.

Don’t eat when you work. Only eat when everyone’s also settled down. Remind your client that having dinner in the same room will make it easier for them to jump into action when needed. Keep those name cards to yourself, too. Don’t promote your wedding photography Cornwall in the middle of someone’s wedding.

Two Shooters: Do You Really Need Them?

wedding photographers South WalesIt seems that having a second shooter bears more good that a loss. Well, they do say that two is better than one. But in terms of hiring wedding photographers South Wales, will the same proverb apply?

Check out the facts on having two wedding photographers for your special day.

The photographers aren’t equal. Sometimes, the second shooter that the lead bring isn’t a professional, but a learning trainee. If that’s the case, that photographer is more likely of taking pictures of less important but will do well when added to the collection. It’s not a bad idea, but it’s worth considering the amount you might have to spend in additional.

Without that assistance, the lead photographer will still do fine in taking all the important details. The assistant’s role is to simply ease his job and it doesn’t mean the main photographer can’t do everything himself. To top that, you don’t even know if the assistant’s shot will be included in the collection.

Partners are worth it

But some other photographers have worked together for as long as they’ve remembered. Such partnership means they have excellent teamwork and have their own specialty. They know each other’s part and coverage is more likely to be on the spot and complete.

What you’re paying is a pair of photographers that is irreplaceable. Trying to get only one of them might be impossible as they rely on each other as much as they are independent of each other. They also cost less compared to hiring two professional photographers at the same time.

A single person can probably do it.

You’re often fed with the notion that there’s so much a single photographer can do. But one of the best wedding photographers South Wales from has a different opinion. Working alone isn’t a new thing and by now, it’s already a normal thing to memorize the layout of the venue, position herself at the right time and handle the rest of the process herself.

That’s right, it’s wrong to immediately assume what they can and cannot do without you asking them. Before deciding if you want a second shooter in, you can ask how big of a party’s size can they handle. A single photographer is usually capable of handling a party of 50 people just fine. More professional ones might be able to handle even bigger parties.

Be realistic

The fact that a single photographer is cheaper is true shouldn’t cloud your judgment. You want to really be satisfied with the wedding pictures you’ll be getting and not left with regret. If getting a second equally professional photographer for your big party is within your reach, then go for it.

All your preparation will be gone once the party is over. The next day, you might be off to your honeymoon and everyone else will wake up to continue their daily life. When you get home, only wedding pictures will be waiting for you to look at. This book will become the proof that you had a wedding and the happiness that you share with a lot of people that day.

If getting two wedding photographers South Wales is necessary, then there shouldn’t be anything to be worried about.

Professional Wedding Photographer Peterborough: The Haggle

wedding photographer PeterboroughMany of us want to use the service of the profession because we know the kind of differences that they can make. Yet, we don’t know how to haggle our way there or getting them to work for us at a lower rate. There’s a way to do just that if you want and you can pay a much more affordable price in exchange for the service of a capable wedding photographer Peterborough.

2, 4 or 8 hours

You should really consider when is the most important time of your wedding. Discuss this with your partner as it will help you in setting your priority straight. There are some people who went with the 2-hour ceremony part because they think that’s the most important part of the day. Others go for a 4-hour reception part because more people will be attending it.

This is a way to go around the usual 8-hour option photographers offer. If you still want the pictures, you can have a friend or relative take the pictures of the rest of the day.

The album

There’s a lot of options on wedding album if you know how it works. Some photographers are not very flexible with it, but some are pretty eager to hear out your personal preference. The price defines the quality almost every time with albums. Between albums and books, albums last much longer, but store less and cost more. Books store more but are less durable.

If you can, we’d suggest that you go with printing out a wedding album directly from your photographer. You can opt for 30-50 images if you chose a 2 or 4-hour session with your wedding photographer Peterborough and some photographers, like are eager to do so.


The key to having just the things that you really want from your photographer is to personalize your wedding photography package. This is an effective method to eliminate the ones that you don’t really need and only get the service that you need. Some photographers offer their clients extra services, such as 2 additional hours aside from the wedding day.

Take up a paper write up the things that you need and show them to your photographer. Discuss with them that all you need are those and see how much the price can go down. Some photographers are pretty nice enough to really count it, while others settle with a base price for whatever kind of package their client wants.


In exchange for something else, you can ask for a small discount from your photographer. Many of them need constant marketing and exposure to couples because all their clients are one-time clients. You can offer help in promoting their business or account through your own or others. This is a way to keep the price low but still gain the professionalism of your photographer.

Others might resort to referral methods which allow them to get a discounted rate if they manage to bring in a customer. This is the least favored method as it’s pretty complicated to get the discount and that friend has to actually sign the contract before you can get the discount.

These are 4 things that you can do to haggle your way with a wedding photographer Peterborough. They won’t cause your photographer to drop their quality or remove important things from the package.

Wedding Photographer Lancashire Myths You Need to Cast Out

Twedding photographer Lancashirehe world of photography is very concerned about the fact that there are too many random tips and myths that people keep spouting off. They like to start with ‘things you need to do with your wedding photographer Lancashire’ which ends up counterproductive to what you wanted to happen.

Help yourself by throwing away all those dangerous notions that can potentially ruin your wedding pictures! As long as tomorrow is not your wedding, you’re never too late to change things.

Making them a shotlist

Okay, so, many couples are probably worried that their wedding photographer won’t remember or miss several important things from their wedding. Maybe it’s that flower arrangement on the table, or maybe it’s the bride’s handmade basket, you name it.

But, often, the shotlist goes way beyond a reminder; it becomes an order of everything the photographer has to shoot. Now, photographers understand the concern. They know that people can become worrywarts when they’ve got only one shot at doing things. That’s true, but isn’t that why you’ve paid so expensive for the service?

Imagine you came into a restaurant and made your order. Making them a long-ass shotlist is like handing the waiter a list of things you want in that menu, which is, well, not your job to do. The chef has been trained and is paid to decide the things that go into the food and dress it for you. All you need to do is sit, enjoy, and pay.

On the other hand, special reminders, like not to forget shooting that handmade souvenir with the bride, can be likened to asking for extra cheese on your burger. You don’t decide everything, but you want them to not forget the important things that are different from each client. And you do need a capable wedding photographer Lancashire like who do not forget such important things.

I don’t need to tip my photographer

Well, this is yet another weird idea the internet has been spreading. It’s completely up to you whether you want to tip them or not. Just because they own the studio, that does not make them the guy that earns everything. Remember that they have more responsibilities, more things to pay and if you think they’ve done a great job for you that is worth the extra dollars, just do it.

Remember that tipping is just one of the most common way to show your gratitude. An example is the case of a couple who described that their wedding photographer Lancashire went the extra length to make sure nothing is wrong with their wedding. They went as far as providing an impromptu photo booth because the one that was hired did not show up. No extra fee asked! Tipping is just out of question.

Experience is not a factor to be considered

Is experience not a factor? The biggest question I’d like to ask here is how is that even possible? If there is any line of work in photography that requires a lot of experience, that’d be wedding photography. There are too many reasons that experience is important. It helps tackle the possible problems, save you from the time of having to
wait for your wedding photographer Lancashire to adjust, so on and so forth.

Boudoir Photography: Start Here

boudoir photo shootPlanning to take a boudoir photo shoot session? You might be confused as to what you should know and what to expect. It’s not exactly a topic that you can ask anyone and it’s not something that just anyone had done it before.

Knowing this, we’ve compiled an easy to understand guide about boudoir photography. With this, you’ll be able to start your search, such as who to shoot, where to do it, and what to bring as well as what to expect.

What is boudoir photography?

While you might be imagining sexy women in lingerie, underwear or in naked condition having their pictures taken in sexy poses, you might not exactly understand what it is. Some even find it similar to porn pictures. Boudoir means the private bedroom of a woman. The style is usually romantic, sexy to suggestive, which explains those sexy poses you’d see when you search for boudoir photography.

What happens in a boudoir photo shoot is that you’d be asked to pose in the way you feel most confident in. The point of it is to explore and show the side of you that no others know. Because boudoir pictures are usually gifted to the significant others, you’d want them to see the most desirable side of yours.

Who should I ask?

If you’re close to getting married, you can ask if your wedding photographer can also help with taking boudoir pictures of yours. You also need to consider how your partner will feel if your wedding photographer is of the opposite sex. They don’t want to know that your half-naked body has been seen by others.

On the other hand, there are also many other photographers out there who provide boudoir photography aside from their main work. Since it’s not something that would be appropriate with their main line of business, it’d be on a separate home page.

How is it done?

This is the most awkward part. Deciding to do it and to actually do it are two different things. As awkward as you might be, your photographer understands that. Which is why, some people would prepare a glass of wine, champagne or beer while chatting to get you used to the condition. Not until you’re drunk, of course, because it was meant to get you relaxed.

The first few shots will look really awkward, don’t worry. As you proceed, you’ll be able to feel more comfortable. You’ll be able to start showing that nice curve and alluring smile. You know yourself and partner better, so if there’s anything that usually turns him on, you can share this with your photographer.

Bringing your ‘closet’

The theme of the photo shoot is the woman’s private bedroom or closet. So, bring the sexiest lingerie, underwear, and nightgowns. The best part of all these pictures is that you have to wear them the night your man received the pictures. Bringing something in his favorite color, as well as some basic colors, like black and white would be nice.

Execute the finishing move by appearing before him in the very lingerie he saw on those pictures. The rest is up to you to continue!