Experience and What It Means for You

Lincolnshire wedding photographerYou have probably heard many times that a good Lincolnshire wedding photographer doesn’t necessarily have to be experienced. It doesn’t dictate the skill or creativity of the photographer, but simply shows you how many times he’s done wedding photography.

However, being experienced is also vital if you want to be a professional. And while many newcomers are saying that experience doesn’t dictate the results, let us tell you why that is not true.

In times of distress?

Many things can happen at a wedding party. And when we say things, we meant the unexpected situations that could change the mood of the day. For example, a sudden rainstorm can really ruin the day as you won’t be able to take the pictures outside the venue for quite some time! You are challenged to still fulfill the quota you have promised.

An experienced photographer will know how to deal with this. Depending on how bad the rain is, there is an option to shoot outdoors when the rain is still small. When it starts to rain hard, you move indoor to take more pictures in there. It’s time to crank up your creativity mode and think of the different ways to make each picture different and special.

Proof for future clients

Experience will also become proof to your potential clients that you know what you are doing. They don’t have to doubt your skills and professionalism after seeing those pictures. A newbie will not have that many pictures to prove himself qualifying like you can. As you continue becoming a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, you will realize how true this is.

Will a client trust in a photographer who owns a site and provides many portfolios like Symply Photography by Sharon Mallinson or a newcomer with only a tenth of her experience? You know the answer.

Better price

With experience, people know that you’ve done more and know better about wedding photography compared to others. They are also more assured that their wedding pictures will not be disappointing and will at least be decent. They will lean more towards trusting their photographer for the job and harbor a more positive feeling when they see the results.

Because of that, you have the freedom to increase your price as you garner even more experience paired with positive reviews. And with that, you have more freedom to create even better exclusivity by taking up only works that you can handle and provide your utmost care to each client.

Better reaction

Between someone who has done the same thing 300 times and someone else who has done it 30 times, the first one sounds like he knows about the job. Not just that, the problems that he has faced after having worked on the same thing for years are solved faster and easier as time goes by. By your turn, should the same thing happen, you don’t have to worry because your photographer knows the way.

Just like that, your client will also feel the same way about hiring a Lincolnshire wedding photographer. Sharon from Symply Photography has done so many wedding photography that it feels like it’s part of her life. Won’t you trust someone who considers her job like that even more?

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