Tips On Starting a Successful Photography Business

The difference between starting your own photography business, and starting a photography business that will become successful can be just a few simple tips and extra things to be aware of that you might not have thought of. If you’re going into business for the first time, it’s important to plan really well, and plan ahead. Photography is an art of course, and you’re bound to be creative. Now you need to add organised, disciplined, self-motivating and resilient to your abilities.

The first step is to plan ahead. Make sure you know exactly what kind of a business you’re aiming for. Do extensive research to find out about your market, and the demand in your area of photography as well as in your geographic area. This ground work can be the deciding factor in the success or failure of your photography business. A combination of your own passion and preference, and your target market’s demands, requirements, preferences and needs, will help you to determine your goal.

Once you’ve chosen your area of expertise and you’ve conducted good research into what your target market want, what challenges and issues you will be able to solve for them, and the quality and size of business you want to create, you’ll need to ensure you have the right equipment. Taking into account the type of photography you’ll be doing, along with the prices you’ll be charging, work out the best equipment you can afford with the budget you have. Don’t skimp on quality and convenience if you can help it. It’s worth spending what you can in order to be able to produce a higher quality of photo, and in turn be able to charge a good price for it.

Pick up as much experience as possible. Even if you begin by doing a few freebies or discounted jobs, in return for being able to use the photos in your portfolio and on your website. And, most importantly, be sure to get testimonials from your clients, and include those on your website with the photos. It’s really worth doing a few low-priced or free sessions in order to receive great references and portfolio shots.

Another reason for starting out with free and discounted photo sessions is building contacts. Most people will only hire a photographer they’ve either used before, or had recommended to them by someone they know and trust. Naturally, make sure you always have a supply of your business cards with you, and that each client leaves with at least two – one to keep, and one to pass on. Encourage referrals by offering your clients a bonus print or a discount off the cost of their next session, for recommending you.

Plan little “gimmicks” to get noticed and to encourage clients to come back again and again. An example is: Offer a special bulk price for parents and children, where they pay for so many sessions in advance, at a substantial discount, and you will photograph them each year on or around the child’s birthday. This is a wonderful gift idea to suggest to friends and family members of new parents. You could even supply a special montage frame in which they can place the print they’ve chosen from each year. There are some lovely novelty frames available, and if this being purchased as a gift for new parents, you could supply the frame along with a specially designed voucher in a lovely gift pack.

Thinking out of the box like this, and using your own special and unique style, rather than doing the same as the crowd, will help to ensure your success.

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