WordPress for Photographers Explained: Why Every Photographer Needs a WordPress Blog

While photo sharing and hosting websites, such as Flickr, continue to gain popularity and might be fun for a typical internet user, a photographer would like to have their own website and portfolio. Using free photo sharing sites are okay, but if you’d like to build more credibility, setting up your own website should be your top priority.

Getting Started with WordPress

It doesn’t take an expert to start their own website using WordPress. Initially, you need to secure your domain and pay for a hosting service, then install WordPress – which is free by the way. WordPress makes it easier for you to design your site, and as a professional photographer, you would want to choose a theme that allows you to showcase your images easily.

Don’t worry – there are a lot of photographers like you who are using WordPress. You’ll find both free and paid themes, making it easier for you to set-up your site. The entire process of building your site can be literally done by clicking and dragging. You don’t have to be a programmer to setup a site of your own. No coding experience is necessary – this is one of the benefits of using WordPress.

Install Plugins and Try Out Numerous Themes

As mentioned earlier, WordPress features a lot of themes for photographers. While it is true that you can build your site without programming knowledge, if you want a mobile responsive website, or one that offers advanced features, you can always hire a WordPress developer and designer to assist you in doing so. Otherwise, you can read tutorials and learn how you can design your own site if you’re just starting up and can’t afford to hire a designer yet.

Most photographers would prefer a gallery-like website, and you’ll be surprised to find a wide variety of themes to choose from. You’ll find themes with basic up to advanced functionalities, and it’s up to you to decide which one works best for your needs. Additionally, some of these themes would allow you to upload a custom header banner of your own, so you can personalize your site and have it branded specifically for you.

Aside from themes, WordPress offers a plethora of plug-ins. These plug-ins allow you to do more customization on your site, which makes it even easier for you to showcase your talent, hence, finding customers easily. You may find some plug-ins for monitoring your visitors, where they’re from, how they got to your site, blocking spam comments and many others.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

If you’ve recently started offering photography services, one of the most important things that you have to take into consideration is SEO, or search engine optimization. When you do a basic Google search for “Photographer in +City,” you’ll see a huge list of photographers and their sites within that given city.

It is important that your site is seen on major search engines. Otherwise, your site is good as non-existent. This is where WordPress comes in. The said platform is SEO friendly, making it easier for robots to crawl and find your site.

Of course, you still need to perform various SEO strategies and techniques to get on top of search engines, but if you have WordPress installed, this is a huge advantage on your end. To help you promote your site, you can even write guest posts for other blogs, which can bring huge traffic to your site.

Conclusion: In general, having your own portfolio and website doesn’t have to be difficult. With the help of WordPress, photographers now have the ability to design their own website, regardless if they’re using it for portfolio or personal use.

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