WordPress Support for Photographers: Do I Need a Website as a Photographer?

Wordpress support for photographersPhotographers have many instruments at their disposal to make themselves known to their audience and to potential clients. Websites are a far-reaching and powerful tool that can enhance a photography business in a multitude of ways. Websites should, in fact, be a priority when establishing a business and it is not hard to get wordpress support for photographers if you decide to make use of the platform.

Websites can be a great business asset as well as a portfolio. Used well, websites can sell your brand for you. Here are a few reasons why websites are a helpful addition to any photography business:


Advertising is extremely important for a photography business. A website will establish and distribute your brand, and it will make sure it reaches a widespread audience. You can link your social media accounts to have feeds on your website, you can create a blog as one of the pages. Make sure to put the spotlight on your portfolio and on your contact information, on your services, and on what makes you unique. Use the website as a campaign, as a marketing strategy, and make full use of it to represent your business and to get your name out there. Although you will be paying to maintain for hosting a website and other such services, having one allows you to as for higher prices, as well as drawing in a larger pool of potential clients.


WordPress support for photographers allows You to set up an online store that is clearly linked on your website, and you can arrange a range of options for prints that you can make available. Online sales are the best way to get your product out to buyers. You can also partner up with sponsors and explore different ecommerce solutions, and you can display the best of your work with the bonus of getting paid for it.


Having a website allows you full control over your brand. You can represent everything you want about your business in whatever way you want. You control the design of the websites, the sections of it, what to showcase and how. There are no third party impositions, so you can polish and tweak to your heart’s content. Present a professional and captivating website, and ensure the straightforwardness of the navigation. Guide the website visitors onto the journey you wish to create for them, with your art and your business on full display.


Having a website will also allow you to highlight client experiences. Draw the attention of website visitors to positive feedback left by previous clients which help with cementing your reputation. You can also have a comment box that you make available to people who book your services, and the contents can be posted to a specially-tailored page on the website. Photography businesses are mostly run on the power of word-of-mouth, but websites can be used with the same intent and results.

Websites are a necessary instrument for a photography business that can generate views, clients, and income. There are many ways in which websites can be used to boost your brand, and they should all be used to their best advantage. Get wordpress support for photographers from MyPhotoCTO.

WordPress for Photographers – 5 tips to optimize your site

5 WordPress Tips That Will Help You Optimize Your Photography Website

Optimization plays a significant role in all kinds of sites, but it’s especially important when it comes to WordPress, and even more important when that website is also hosting a lot of photographs. There are a number of things that can dramatically effect the speed of a WordPress based photography website, both for better and for worse, and in this article we look at a few of them.

Because of this, it’s important to do all you can to get your site optimize. Below, you’ll find five simple tips that will help you get your WordPress site in great shape.

1. Make sure the theme you choose is fast

A slow loading theme can cause a number of problems for your site. One of the things search engines look at is site load time, which means a slow-loading site won’t rank as highly. In addition, themes that load slowly are frustrating to users. Experiment with themes until you find one that works well.  Well known photography marketing site Photoproseo.com uses the Genesis Framework for their WordPress for Photographers training site – so we can assume this is one of the speedier themes given the response times of their website.

2. Don’t use too many plugins

WordPress plugins can be incredibly useful. However, too many of them can slow a site down. Make sure to get rid of any plugins your site doesn’t need.

3. Use a cache plugin

One type of plugin you do want to use is a cache plugin. These plugins can significantly reduce page load times, and are extremely easy to use. The most popular cache plugin on WordPress is W3 Total Cache, but there are a number of very good options.

4. Empty out your trash

When comments, posts, or images are deleted on WordPress, they automatically go to the trash system. This means content that was accidentally deleted can easily be restored, but it also means that deleted content can take up room on your site. Periodically empty out your trash so that your site doesn’t get clogged up.

5. Choose a good hosting plan

While there are many things you can do to optimize your WordPress site, some things will just come down to your host. Choosing a good hosting plan is crucial if you want to make sure your site is reliable and loads quickly.

Before signing up for a hosting plan, take the time to research available hosts. Read reviews and ask for recommendations. A good host is worth paying more for.

Optimizing your WordPress site is easy, but it’s also important. Take advantage of these tips and make sure that your site is the best it can be. You’ll be amazed at how much faster your site can load.

Did you find these 5 tips useful – here’s another 5 tips for you we found on YouTube from MagneticTV